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Managing Credit Scores

Below is a list of guides and articles that will help you manage & maintain your credit score.

How do I: Get my credit report? - Your credit history affects your life in many ways. It impacts the rate of interest you pay on most loans and credit cards, your car insurance payment and whether you can get a mortgage loan.

Best Ways to Establish Credit - In this tight market, those with poor, average or no credit may find themselves shut out of unsecured credit cards that have desirable terms.

How do I: Improve my credit score? - When you think of the phrase "credit score," you're probably thinking of a number between 350 and 850. This is your FICO score, and it was developed by the Fair Isaac Corp.

How do I: Get secured credit cards? -With a secured card, you place a deposit with the lender and are allowed to make charges up to the amount of the deposit. Secured cards work like any other credit cards, allowing you to charge purchases and to either make minimum payments or pay off the entire balance

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