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If you are requiring assistance promoting and
managing your rental home properties we can help
you in achieving the maximum benefits of owning
investment properties.

Stop trying to rent yourself with poor quality tenants
when in the end, we can actually save you money
and provide a steady income stream from your home.

We have a professional and skilled property management staff that can
provide all the services that you will need at a very
economical cost.

Rental Home Exchange is a turn-key management solution for single-family homes owners.   Our owners are people like you who wish to maximize their return while owning a rental home which they desire to rent.  We make rental home ownership a pleasant and hassle free experience while maintaining the maximum income stream for our owners.

Property management is our exclusive focus.  We only manage a select group of homes which provides very personalized and focused services to you, the property owner, through our professional and experienced staff.

We provide services to the Northeast Region of Georgia which includes the following cities: Buford, Gainesville, Oakwood, Flowery Branch, and Cumming, and the following counties: Hall, Forsyth, Gwinnett, and Banks.

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RENTABILITY: Our trained staff will at no cost to the home owner visit your home and asses its “rentability”.  They are trained to see issues which will prohibit the renting of your home and come up with cost efficient ways to remedy the problem.  Many homes just need proper preparation to rent quickly.  Once these issues are resolved we have found that we can place a quality Tenant into your home and rapidly stop the issue of no income and get you on the road to a good income stream for your home.
REHAB:  Our trained staff also does the repairs for you.  We can do repairs at a much lower rate than other typical contractors.  We will give you a price for the “rehab” items which we feel will greatly enhance your homes rentability.  However there will be many items which we do not feel will increase your rentability which you may or may not choose to repair.  We will give you sound advice as to those items.  Many of which you will not want to repair until you decide to sell your home.
PRICING:  Once our trained staff has accessed rentabilty they will do a market study and provide a pricing range which will place your home in the right price bracket to get your home rented quickly yet not loose valuable dollars.  The “right” price has an enormous impact on how quickly your home rents.  One or two or three vacant months brings your annualized income down enormously, and then when divided by 12 shows you your true monthly rent received.  The right monthly rent will provide the maximum annualized income and minimize vacancy.
TENANT AVAILABILTY AND ADVERTISING:  We provide's wide range of media in our marketing mix.  Through our advertising mix we on a daily basis have Tenants who are seeking homes.  We advertise whether we have vacancy or not to always have available Tenants in files to place into your home.  Since we do so our vacancy rate is far below the national average and stays near 0 most of the time.  We give focus advertising for your home since we limit the number of homes we represent.  This means that when a call comes in you are not competing with hundreds of homes; we focus on YOUR home! 


TENANT SCREENING:   Our qualified staff uses our proven methods to screen all Tenants prior to selecting them to be your Tenant.  We have several methods to access them and find out if they will be a good Tenant for your home.  As they become part of our family of Tenants we do not want any problem Tenants that require special attention on a continual basis.
TENANT RELATIONS:  Our experienced staff will take all of the calls from your Tenant and handles all of their issues.  We have become quite proficient at determining how to handle each and every one of their issues.  Many can be handled on the phone with the proper advice, others may take some action, however we know how to limit your expenses which is another large part of your final annual outcome concerning income from your home.  Here is where we truly take the hassle out of owning your rental home.  Our staff is available 24/7 to handle all issues which may arise.
COLLECTIONS:  Our staff knows how to handle the money problems which many Tenants face when paying their rent.  We handle all collections issues.  Our staff has the experience necessary to collect the rents due, to file legal proceedings in the event it is necessary and to present the case in court if required.  This are again assists you in maximizing your annual income form your home.
REPAIRS:  Just as our staff will rehab your home professional yet at a reduced cost, we also will provide fast and cost efficient repairs as they are needed on an ongoing basis.  By addressing the needed repairs quickly we can maintain the satisfaction of your Tenant which ensures that they remain in your home and secondly doing the work without using expensive outside contractors will greatly reduce your expenses.
FRIENDLY AND PERSONAL SERVICES:  We at Rental Home Exchange are available to answer any questions you may have.  We handle things the old fashioned way, providing friendly courteous and professional services to a limited number of homes.  This gives you the owner of your home peace of mind that your home is not just a number but a valued personal relationship.  Our motto is lived by our staff each and every day “ Great Home! Great Life!”  


  • Tenant Procurement Fee: One month's rent
  • Ongoing monthly management fee: 9% of the rent
  • Renewal fee (when tenant remains longer than 12 months): 50% of one month's rent
  • Setup Fee: $150.00
Please consider our services as we can actually save you money and needless worries.  Just do the math, if your home remains unoccupied for one month you have actually loss a months rent that could have compensated us to begin managing your home and have you a quality paying Tenant!
Don’t wait as time is money in the rental business, a months lost income can never be regained!

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